4-Reasons for Seattle's Real Estate Market


  • Affordable Housing for Renters

As you know, it's a tough market out there.  Through the years, my sister has upgraded her back pool house, by installing a kitchen and bathroom, making it into a guest house.  Many of our friends and a few family members have made their start in that cute little cottage with a view of the grape vineyard and a pool.  I've always admired her for sharing a piece of her little heaven to those who only had a few coins to spare.   

  •  More Choices for Home Buyers

There are so many kids refusing to leave the nest, having a guest house might give you a little more privacy.  I certainly enjoy my day-to-day space, even from out of town visitors.  Heck, when I bought my place here in Belltown (a neighborhood of Seattle), having an in-building guest suite was an absolute must!  Now, when friends come to visit, they can blast the heat all night long, and I don't have to feel like I'm having a hot flash, lol.

  • Energy Saving

Having a guest house that can be closed off when not in use could save you $$ in energy costs. Plus, you wouldn't have to exert personal energy telling those loud neighbors to keep it down with the noise!

  • Raises Your Property Value

When building a guest house, you raise your property value.  In fact, it's one of the easiest ways to raise your home's value.  It's even better than building directly on to your home.  With a little research and the right contractor, you are money ahead.

When you're ready to start thinking about purchasing a home, contact me early in the process?  I really like brainstorming about the many options that might work for you in the future.  Remember, when the time comes, I want to be your only Realtor!  -Elise Russo, your favorite Seattle real estate broker

P.S.  For more reading about "Additional Dwelling Units", check out, Sightline Institute for their research on the benefits of ADUs to our communities. You can read more about ADUs from Sightline on their website