2019 Cherry Blossoms at UW in Seattle.jpgMany of you know, I'm a walker and a flower lover.  Previewing homes and walking to open houses this Spring has been a joy.  Even the National Association of Realtors has been telling us that foot traffic is up.  If you're looking for flowery things to do this Spring, check out my checklist:

  1. If you haven't had a chance to see all of the daffodils along Bell Street in Belltown and at Denny Park in Seattle, I suggest you see them ASAP as they'll be gone soon.
  2. Take a picnic to The University of Washington's Quad, it's glowing with cherry blossoms.  I think the fresh warm air made my food taste better too.
  3. This coming week, play hookie with some friends (I'm doing this mid-week) to see the tulips at Skagit Valley.  Do read this very funny news article by: The Stranger and don't forget to poop before you leave town!

Now, down to King County Real Estate business, and I'm loving these numbers!  *Woo-hoo*  It's becoming a Seller's Market.  Besides nice postcard-esk walks to showings, there are a couple of reasons why this might be the best time for you to call me and sell your home, if this is something you're considering:

  • Property that SOLD: March sales were down 15.8% from this time last year and 12.7% higher than last month.
  • Property Currently for Sale: The total amount of property available went higher by 106.8% from this time last year and 17.4% higher than last month. Meaning there's more for buyers to choose from.
  • Property under Contract (Pending): March homes under contract increased 8.3% from this time last year and 72.3% higher than last month.April 2019 sale, sold, and pending data for Seattle show it's a sellers market
  • Average Sold Price per Square Footage: Shows we're appreciating. March was at $370 this was up 4.5% from $354 last month and down 1.1% from $374 in March of last year.
  • Days on Market: Is showing a neutral trend.  Upward trends show a buyer's market and downward shows more of a seller's market.  The DOM for March was 42, down 16% from 50 days last month and up 110% from 20 days same time last year.April 2019 Average Days on Market and List to Sold Price in Seattle
  • Sold/Original List Price Ratio: Is remaining steady at 98% is up 2.1% % from last month and down from 4.9% % in March of last year.  This ratio shows you how willing sellers are to agreeing to come down from their original listing price.  Above 100% shows a Seller's market.
  • Months of Inventory based on Closed Sales of 2: Increased by 147% compared to last year and up 5.2% compared to last month. March 2019 is Seller's market.

2019 Daffodils at Denny Park Seattle.jpg

Home affordability continues to be the big topic of 2019.  Obviously, there are already signs that show our inventory is improving.  There are even areas showing a year-over-year increase in value (find yours by clicking here).  If you're a motivated buyer, and you're already looking at annual goals, there are many new homes coming onto the market every day.  Let me know when you're ready to start looking?  I've got great backend information!

Remember, I'm working hard to be your only Realtor.  Make contact with me when you're ready?

-Elizabeth Russo, your total home resource :)

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