While a lot of the country was working on reopening our economy by phases in June, the real estate market just keeps getting better and better.  Us Realtors track every time we show a home with ShowingTime, and Nationally we've been out showing homes even more than June of 2019!  COVID-19 sure hasn't got in the way of prospective home buyers.

Even with all of these buyers out and about, looking for that perfect home, we just don't have enough homes for them to purchase.  We have even fewer homes currently on the market than a year ago.  Most everyone in our industry believe sellers haven't wanted to list their home, due to the continued concerns over COVID-19.  Even more now that we're in June and seeing a spike in cases.  I predict this Summer will continue to be a very active sellers market.  When you're ready, give me a call, ok?

Here are the numbers:

Seattle's Housing Market at a Glance

Year-Over-Year Change in Seattle's Real Estate Market June 2020

For the Central Puget Sound:
King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish Counties

  • Closed Sales, decreased 14.8% for Residential homes and 19.4% for Condominium homes.
  • Homes with Offers, increased 13.2% for Residential homes and 11.7% for Condominium homes.
  • Current Homes for Sale, decreased 49.4% for Residential homes and 22.2% for Condominium homes.
  • The Median Sales Price, increased 6.7% to $555,000 for Residential homes and 3.9% to $395,000% for Condominium homes.
  • Days on Market, decreased 8.7% for Residential homes and 12.5% for Condominium homes.
  • Months Supply of Inventory, decreased 47.6% for Residential homes and 22.7% for Condominium homes.

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Now for my personal share time with you.  Feel free to call me up or video chat with me, tell me your future real estate plans and update me on your life.  I do enjoy the conversations!  Even if I have to run and put a hat on, so you won't see my big fro, ha!

I only have one photo for you this month folks. In all honesty, I have been a little caught up with life.  Like, learning how to communicate in a whole new language (Bridge) with my husband, cooking the most awesomely complicated meals I can find and working my real estate game.

Wait, I lied about not taking any photos...  I have been taking a screen shot anytime the Bridge robot on BBO does anything confusing.  I then use these screenshots to overly research every convention and talk about it non-stop, with any one I know that plays Bridge. Remarkably, no one seems to mind, and they even call me on their own to obsess too.  How fantastic! Seriously.

Photo #1: When I show homes, many of my buyers already know, I generally walk, taxi or mass transit to our first location, and ride with you for the rest of the showing.  This gives you the opportunity to voice your thoughts and concerns about the homes we're seeing, and it gives me the chance to tell you about each of the Seattle neighborhoods you're exploring. 

I hadn't really needed a car for the past 5-years, but with all of the cootie concerns amid Corona, I decided, after not driving for over 2 years (other than to rent a car here and there), to purchase a car!  When I tell people my story about not driving for none other reason than, I really enjoy the walk, it seems to bring such great personal stories.  So, when you call me, maybe bring this one up?  I mean, unless you'd rather talk about Bridge? :-) Here's the photo of me at the dealership:

Elise Russo purchased a car in 2020


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