In February, unknown to most of us, a silent killer was arriving here in Seattle, preparing to create mass boredom. I spent half of my adolescence in a dense redwood forest.  We had flash floods and rain that lasted for weeks.  Like most storms, there's a race to get everything you needed into the house and there's a calm in waiting for the big storm.  Then, it just hits, and everyone just stays indoors for weeks.  

As a kid, when I was indoors for what felt like years, I learned to make THE BEST most AMAZING tent/cardboard box forts with my dad.  I created games that practically got my sisters and I killed, completed Sudoku and solitaire puzzles in some serious record times, got all of my homework done without my mom having to ask 10 times.  But most of all, I liked to look up to watch and listen to the rain between the pages of my books.

I have my 30-day's of food, closed out my last transaction this week + delivered the keys just before Shelter in Place, created my gym fort, mastered a few solitaire puzzles.  Now, here I am actually doing my homework.  Just in time too, because I got a video this morning on my email from a guy I think is pretty cool, telling me to get to work.  

So here we go...

Seattle's Housing Market at a Glance

As I pushed through February, the worry about COVID-19 continued to grow.  I fielded a lot of questions, with the biggest one, is now the right time to buy?  The stock market was on a downward slide, and interest rates to purchase a home were just too good to refuse.  I have never received so many excited emails, texts and phone calls from lenders reminding me to refinance and reminding me to tell all of my clients the good news.

Year-Over-Year Change in Seattle's Real Estate Market February 2020

January's ShowingTime was released, and it showed that home viewings increased 20.2% year-over-year in showing traffic nationwide.  Knowing that there's an upswing in property showings would be a leading indicator for future home sales.  

The 2020 housing market looked to be off to a really strong start.  We all know now, things are going to be so, so much different once the storm lets up.

I always like to look at photos when someone describes something to me.  Below, is my makeshift gym.  I already had all of the equipment in storage, I just had to find a little nook to set it all up.  The other photo is my essential turkey soup starters.  Stay in doors and healthy everyone! 

For the Central Puget Sound:
King, Kitsap, Pierce 
and Snohomish Counties

  • Elise Russo's Makeshift Gym 2020Closed Sales decreased 10.6% for Residential homes but increased 5.4% for Condominium homes.
  • Pending Sales increased 35.4% for Residential homes and 61.8% for Condominium homes.
  • Inventory decreased 42.9% for Residential homes and 40.2% for Condominium homes.
  • The Median Sales Price increased 9.3% to $530,000 for Residential homes and 12.8% to $415,000 for Condominium homes.
  • Days on Market decreased 20.8% for Residential homes and 11.4% for Condominium homes.
  • Months Supply of Inventory decreased 50.0% for Residential homes and 46.7% for Condominium homes.

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